Street Cat Designs -    Fine Artisan Jewelry
Street Cat Designs are made of only the finest quality materials.
No silver plated brass, no gold plated silver. I use only Sterling 
Silver and 14K gold fill. Plated metals are not regulated as to how 
much precious metal has to be used, whereas gold fill is. There is 
1000 times more gold in gold fill than in gold plate. Your gold fill 
piece will last a lifetime, the gold will not wear through and can 
be cleaned as often as needed.

I use AAA Gem quality semi precious and precious stones. I have 
also started using Swarovski Crystals and fine quality Cubic 

The majority of my components are hand formed using only wire 
wrapping and forming techniques. From earwires, posts, and gem 
linked chains, to chandelier earrings, pendant frames and filigree, 
I form, hammer and wrap for hours to create little pieces of 

My designs are all my own, with inspiration coming from nature, 
art, classic textile design, current and vintage fashion, and quite 
often, the jumble of gems and metals on my work space.

My classic pieces, like my knitted cuffs, crocheted earrings, 
cluster earrings and pearl mosaic cuff will stand the test of time 
and trend.

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